My life is all about the “Ds”: My Devotion to Jesus, Daryl (my Dear Husband), David (my son), my Dog (Prince), remodeling our Diggs, watching our Dimes (finances), and a dozen of Domestic duties. Proverbs 31:27 says “She watches over her household and does not eat the bread of idleness”. This is the diary of my flawed, fabulous, and funny life. Join me as a try to juggle it all.

Sadly, staying out of trouble is hard for my 6 year -old. He was given a get-out-of-jail free card on New Years Day and he’s back to loving life. Apparently, it’s carried over into school.

Moi: David, how was school today?

David: Good. Today I was a good zample!

Moi: A what? You were a good what?

David: Zample. You know. My teacher said I was being a good zample for my friends because I was sitting and doing what I was suppose to

Moi: Oh that’s nice honey, you should be a good “zample” every day then

LOL Gotta love Davidese! Gotta Love context clues

There are so many fun (and free or like-free) things to do in the DMV with kids. (On Facebook & Twitter you can find my DMV & Beyond newsletter.) Today we had a double dose of crafts (paint paint everywhere). Our 1st stop was Home Depot Kids workshop to make a calendar. Ugh. It did not turn out good at all. We had fun, but David’s mom couldn't get it together (literally, I couldn’t get all the nails in the right place! LOL). Stop #2 was the Snowman Canvas project at Michaels Craft Store. His spiderman snowman came out cute, so I put that on the easel in the kitchen. Happy Winter!

On December 21, David completed the test to earn his greenbelt. Honestly, I guess his white and yellow tests were the “little leagues” as Today’s test was intense. The tension and anticipation were thick. There were so many people there to cheer their student on. The Black belts were AMAZING! Literally, where can you see a guy jumping over 3 chairs and then breaking a board! Whoa!!!! David was nervous and didn’t do his best. I would have been nervous too. He is the smallest thing in the dojo. He did pass his test and today he got his 3rd belt; The Green one.

Happy New Year, I must admit that I am tiptoeing into 2018. LOL! 2017 was supposed to be a quiet year according to moi. God thought otherwise! Sometime, last May we got a word from the Lord that it was time to sell our house! “Say What Lord?!” We did NOT have money to move! We did NOT have this in our 2017 plans! We did NOT think we’d find anything that we both would like!!!! From that Krazy moment until the very last day of the year, we were on a roller coaster. We didn’t know that we would end up buying another house. We actually thought we would rent and then maybe build a house later. God saw differently.

One Saturday in July, we put our house on the market. We had an open house on Sunday. By Wednesday, we had multiple offers and by Thursday we finalized on one. Praise the Lord! (I’m sure one day I’ll give tips on the Domestic Diva blog on what we did to sell our home fast…the key is to live like you’re in a museum. LOL) There was only one problem with this Praise Report, we didn’t have any place to live!!!!

There was a house (House #1) in a nearby town that we LOVED. It had everything we were looking for, except a garage. Sigh. House #2, was in the same neighborhood as House #1 and it had literally the most beautiful garage (Nascar style flooring to boot), but nothing else worth mentioning it. That’s why I call it the “Rebound house” because it had the one thing that House #1 didn’t have. LOL. Stressed beyond stressed. The clock is quickly ticking to the day we had to be out of This Old House. Then as God would see so fit, on our 9th wedding anniversary we got the thumbs up that we were the accepted bid for House #3, The House on the Hill! Praise the Lord! We had a contract on This Old House, we had a contract for The House on the Hill, but things started to quickly unravel. But God….

But God saw to it that we were able to move into The House on the Hill before David started Kindergarten which was BEFORE we went to closing on This Old House and BEFORE we went to closing on The House on the Hill. Yeah, read that again. A week later, we went to closing for This Old House. Then two weeks later, we went to closing on The House on the Hill! Praise the Lord! I wish I could say it wasn’t one of the most stressful times of my life, but it was. I wish we could say everything went according to our plan, but it didn’t. What I can say is that everything happened according to God’s perfect plan and will for us. So, I have that swirly feeling coming into 2018 like I just got off a roller coaster. Grateful to be on standing firmly on solid ground! Happy New Year!

Somehow I managed to get a few things in my office unpacked in order to get my Christmas cards out the door! I feel certain that I accidently left some folks off my list (sorry so sorry) because my contacts and addresses are scattered. SMH. Nonetheless, I’m happy that I finally got a nice Christmas picture with all of us! Merry Christmas. Enjoy the season!


After an unexpected Krazy summer, we are now fully into fall. SMH. Where did the time go? With Daryl getting a new job, selling our 1st house, buying another house, David going to Kindergarten, I've been Krazy busy! Whew, just thinking about it makes me tired. At some point, the boxes were literally over my head. It's been a fun and Krazy season. I'll be back soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to say "Bonjour" and thanks for always thinking about us and praying for us. Hugs!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas, Grandmommas, and Godmommas! This was the first year that I didn’t want anything; no cards, no balloons, no bling, no meals. I literally wanted to do nothing! Sleeping in is a dream (pun intended) of mine and this year the boys made my wish come true. After hosting two dinner parties back-to-back, this momma was tired, so a little Rest and Relaxation was the best present!

We love to go to museums. I guess since museums are any-weather outings, we haven’t done many zoo trips. Today was David’s 1st trip to the Baltimore Zoo. He and his class had so much fun. One of his favorite parts was brushing the goats! The little farmyard was a big hit with all the kids. At some point ALL of them started chanting “Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa!” at the sheep. Comedy. Honestly, it was such a short trip that we’re going to go back again soon.


There are so many great fun (often Free) things to do in the DMV. Today, we went to one of the Kids Workshops at Home Depot. It was super fun and cute! This month they were making a flower pot. David had to hammer the frame together and then paint it. This was his first time using a hammer, so he had a little trouble at first keeping the nail in place while hammering. He looks at me and says: “Mommy, can you hold the nail for me?” Nooooo!!!!!!! LOL! He did a really good job and we got a little plant for it. This is the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

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