My life is all about the “Ds”: My Devotion to Jesus, Daryl (my Dear Husband), David (my son), my Dog (Prince), remodeling our Diggs, watching our Dimes (finances), and a dozen of Domestic duties. Proverbs 31:27 says “She watches over her household and does not eat the bread of idleness”. This is the diary of my flawed, fabulous, and funny life. Join me as a try to juggle it all.

With all the snow we’ve gotten, David got to go out and play in it today with Daddy. (This momma doesn’t get Snow Days! Grrrrr). Our neighbors tried to encourage him to make “snow angels”. He had no idea what that was, so spiderman just laid in the snow and smiled!  LOL

At the end of our wedding video, there are a bunch of wonderful well wishes, tips, and advice. One of our favorite is “When you have kids, give them short first names because your last name is so long! LOL”. Yeap we heard ya on that one Jazzy. Another one of our favorites comes from my mom “Daryl, everything you did to get her, you got to keep doing to keep her!” That’s RIGHT! But what does that look like after 8+ years? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself… I mean, isn’t Valentine’s Day overrated after 8 years, should we still celebrate it? Does it still need to include roses, chocolate, and gifts? And the answer is… Heck Yeah! LOL. (I’m just saying!) My momma had some great advice. But those things don’t have the same weight and value they did for our first VDay in 2007. I can honestly say if Mr. C. got me some overpriced Florist flowers yesterday, we would have been using those flowers to put on his casket! LOL! (I’m just saying!) And that’s just it. Often I’ve seen relationships fail because one or both of them is stuck in those yesteryears. Let it go! He’s changed and you’ve changed (hopefully). Life changes you. Create new memories. Celebrate new traditions and seasons of life. This is what I call the evolution of love. It grows. It matures. It evolves. When I think about those sweet beginnings with my first love, he pursued me before I even knew it. He was a total gentleman. He first grabbed my attention with a song. From there, he began to whisper sweet “somethings” in my ear. It would literally give me goose bumps. He never pestered me, but loved me how I needed it when I needed it. He sent his friends to tell me how much he loved me. He would wrap his arms around me and I felt like I was in heaven. He would tell me how wonderful I am. At some point, there were love letters.  After a whirlwind romance, I realized that I needed to accept his proposal, so I walked down the aisle and said “Yes!” That was only just the beginning though. I wish that I can say that things got better from there, but it didn’t. Life came quick. Full of valleys, desserts, and lows. Through it all, he was my rock. He carried me through every pit and storm. Over the years, I learned to trust him more. I learned what true love actually is by his example. Today, I’m thankful for this maturity and evolution. If you haven’t figured it out by now, my first love is Jesus!!!!!! He is LOVE by every definition; unconditional and unending love. Similarly, my relationship with Mr. C has evolved and come full circle in so many ways.  Last week, in his family and friends virtual bible study, Mr. C.  issued a challenge for all of us to set aside time for prayer every single day for a week. For our challenge, we choose to pray together every night for a week. We did it and it blessed our socks off (wink). It was exactly what our marriage needed! (I love you honey). It reminded me where we started, as friends who prayed together! So this Valentine ’s Day didn’t include melted fondue, the Kennedy center, or florist flowers. It did include our little love bug, a lot of sacrifice, a candle-lit dinner, and matured L-O-V-E!  Celebrate all the loves of your life…360+5…LOL today and every day!  My Mr. Rights!!!

When I hear people talking about how the aquarium in Baltimore, I usually roll my eyes and give Mr. C. a stern look. In our 8+ years together, we have NEVER been to the aquarium. Third world countries? Yes! Islands? Yes! West Coast? Yes! Up the street a few miles to the aquarium? A big FAT NO! As a native Marylander, he has been there and done that (a zillion times) when it comes to Baltimore attractions. Admittedly, I generally ask during Baltimore’s December Dollar Days when I know for sure that Mr. C doesn’t want to spend his birthday weekend going to Baltimore. And in all fairness, Mr. C. did offer to take us one Saturday and on the way there, I read that we couldn’t bring strollers (Ughhhh No way we were carrying a 20lb+ David around the aquarium and calling that a fun day!), so we aborted the plans and went to The Mills instead (I know those pictures are somewhere on this site). So as a loving sacrifice, Mr. C offered to take me to the aquarium for Valentine’s Day!!! And yet again, the Frugal Fran, Budgetista that I’ve been in the last 3 months, couldn’t justify paying full price. So we went last night at the discounted price with our WALKING Love bug in tow. Much like the Disney classic, we found Nemo! It was COLD in Baltimore. Frigid is what I should say near the water! It was on a Friday night after a LONG work week and despite all that, we had a WONDERFUL time. David was so excited to see the Fish, Sharks, Octopus, Turtle, and to find a hiding Nemo. This was just the beginning of a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend. 

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Day! You know how much I love this “holiday”. This weekend is not just for couples, but for us all to know that we are LOVED…by God! He knew us before we were born. He knows every hair on our heads! He chose us for such a time as this for a unique purpose! He loved us enough to send his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins! Now that is LOVE! Love others because he first loved us! 

Honestly, I don’t know where David comes up with it. He tells me he wants to wear Spiderman. I say to him he doesn’t have any Spiderman clothes. He tells me he does and disappears. He returns fully re-dressed in these pajamas (touche’). He said he wanted to match Peter Parker! How does he know that? #mouthopen 

David is really mastering his alphabet. This week David is working on the letter P… Me: David, what did you learn in school today? David: Pppp is PMe. Good. What words start with P?David: P is for Pig!Me! Yes! What else?David: P is for corn …Me. Ugh…no P is not for corn. David: POPCORN! (LOL) Me: Yes, you are right! What else?David: P is for Apple…Me: DAVID, you know that P is not for Apple…David: Apple PIE!!! (cracking up)Me: LOL. Ok, You got Me! LOL. I promise you, I don’t make this stuff up. David is a full blown character!