My life is all about the “Ds”: My Devotion to Jesus, Daryl (my Dear Husband), David (my son), my Dog (Prince), remodeling our Diggs, watching our Dimes (finances), and a dozen of Domestic duties. Proverbs 31:27 says “She watches over her household and does not eat the bread of idleness”. This is the diary of my flawed, fabulous, and funny life. Join me as a try to juggle it all.

David tossing some Fall Leaves Happy December! I got a lot of projects done over the weekend. (I didn’t realize that when I took that picture of David on Friday, I wouldn’t see him again until Sunday! I missed my little guy). My Christmas cards are ordered, (so they should be coming to a mailbox near you real soon). Believe it or not, I actually finished my 2015 Coutourier calendar! Remember the horror that I went through last year, well this year I figured out how to re-create the wheel. (Thank you Lord). It will actually be nice to have a calendar on January 1st. I even started on a new Kitchen reorganization project (Yikes!). It’s amazing what I can accomplish now that I’m done (?) with grad school.  Even though I did a bunch of things, my Christmas tree is still in the box. (Wahh Wahhh Wahhh! SMH). I even have my 2014 ornament, but no tree to hang it on… yet. LOL. I think this needs to be Team C…all hands on deck…so we can deck our home with boughs of holly…fa la la la la….la la la! I couldn’t believe that we had snow last Wednesday. Today it was close to 70. David really enjoyed playing in the leaves! He talked about it all night long! A picture is worth a thousand words and I think this captured his excitement perfect! Enjoy the last few days of Fall.  

David and I started off our morning with coloring and crafts. For homework, he had to make a collage of all the Thanksgiving food that he would like to eat today. (Uhhh…where is the construction paper?) Since I couldn’t figure out where I hid the construction paper, I got a wonderful idea to put the collage on paper plate! LOL. I thought that was appropriate. We had a lot of fun and even Daddy thought it was a fun way to start off the day. Mr. C. decided to switch it up, so instead of making his famous green beans, he surprised us all by making fried cabbage to take to the family potluck. We headed down to the country to spend the day with our Priceless family. We had lots of good food and fun. It was nice to make new memories. Today and every day we have so much to thank God for! Cherish every day! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to Aunt Dana!

David had a few rough days this week, but I think Mufasa may have had a breakthrough with his Little Lion cub (keep praying). Even in the midst of his Little Lion antics, David manages to still make me smile and be proud. He is really a smart and funny guy. (He credits himself for teaching me what an octagon is! LOL). For the last year, we have intentionally been trying to pour scripture in him, so it’s wonderful when it pours out of him. He’s been reciting Psalm 139 for several weeks now.  Frankly, Psalm 139 changed my life. These scriptures brought me healing, restoration, and answers. (Read it for yourself: I love it that David is learning that God’s way is BEST! 

Prince has certainly taken advantage of having more space in the Pooh & Prince romp-a-room now that some of David’s stuff has been removed. I happen to catch Prince chilling out on David’s couch. Comedy at best. I guess Prince thought he’d get in, where he fit in. LOL. Happy Hump Day. 

While I know that Jesus is the only way that I’m making it inside the pearly gates (and the ONLY get-out-of-Hell-free card I need), I do believe that David is helping to expedite the process: either by killing me slowly (the bad days) or helping to purify my fruit (the good days)! On the good days, I hope my entrance exam will go something like this: Gabriel: You are Shanel, correct?Moi: Yes Sir. Gabriel: You name appears in the 2001 ledger, correct?Moi: Yes Sir. Gabriel: You are David’s mom? (as he silently reads the log and shakes his head)Moi: Yes Sir. Gabriel: Well bless your heart. Please come right on in and make yourself at home. There is a crown waiting for you. Please hurry right in! On the bad days, I believe my entrance exam will go something like this: Gabriel: You are Shanel, correct?Moi: Yes Sir. Gabriel: You are David’s mom? (as he silent reads the log)Moi: Yes Sir. Gabriel: Hmmmm (still reading). I’ll be back, I have to go talk to my supervisor! Yikes! Ya’ll betta pray for me (and for David)! LOL

With a jam-packed October, we did not have time to do David’s annual birthday photos, so we went today. I must admit I was super proud of him. He had to wait for over an hour to get behind the camera, but when he finally got his turn, he did wonderful !  (Maybe Little Lion Lockdown has helped him find his listening ears). We spent way too much money because we couldn’t choose between all the great photos, so we bought them all (SMH). It was fun. I can’t wait to design this year’s Christmas card. In the meantime, check out some of his photos around our website. 

I’ve been off the grid the first part of this month…for several reasons: I’ve been trying to catch up on my sleep, doing a lot of soul searching, and I couldn’t think of anything nice to say about David. If I have learned anything about motherhood is that I (now) need to enjoy each season as it comes. I was soooo ready to get out of those terrible twos that I had no idea that the terrible threes were lurking right behind. At least once a week (sometimes twice) for the last month, David has gotten in trouble for not being obedient, kind or loving at preschool. Daddy got called at work one day due to his obnoxious behavior. We are trying to find the delicate balance of teaching (and taming) our little lion on what is appropriate behavior and not breaking his lion spirit. (Afterall, Jesus was both a Lion and a Lamb). It has certainly been a rough couple of weeks. This morning was a typical morning at our house. David and I are having a new “wardrobe war”. We no longer battle on WHAT he is wearing (No Mommy Said You are Wearing THIS today!), we now battle on WHICH way the items go on (Jesus!). He is determined to put everything on himself, even if it’s on backwards. Honestly, if it’s an undershirt or his socks, I just let him wear it wrong to not destroy his confidence (and not have to use The Rod every morning). But he can’t leave the house looking like he’s in a Kris Kross (I know I dated myself on that one) video (David, your pockets go in the front!).  We manage to make it through breakfast (running behind schedule of course) and I walk (he rides in his super duper Prince Charming covered “carriage”) him to preschool. Drop off was typical (David, say GOOD MORNING!!!!!) and I was walking back home trying to exhale from my normal morning mayhem…when I get a call from his teacher that he was being a Little Lion (again). WHAT?!#$#@#%#$! Almost at home, I did a quick about-face and returned to his school not nearly fast enough. By the time I arrived, Simba had spoken to Mufasa on the phone and was starting to calm down. I was outraged…1.) His behavior 2.) I’m going to be late for work! I was fuming. Needless to say during the sprint back home, I was on fire! I was like a witch on broom when I swept through his room and emptied out every toy from his room in 5 minutes flat. I was on fire!  I was so mad I could have moved all the furniture out and he really would have come home a very empty Cell Block D. I was breathing so much fire that I could have kept a caldron lit! Smoke was coming out of my ears as I went to clean out the play room! If it was trash day, I’m certain everything would have been on the curb. No toys, no books, no games, no puzzle, no TV, no superman! In these moments, I wish this scenario was a fiction story, but instead these are the real chronicles of David LaSalle Coutourier (hump). 

Happy November! I’m so thankful (wink) to make it to November. We survived October and had a lot of fun doing it. So to commemorate everything we learned in the marriage conference last month (and to use my one last birthday gift certificate – Thanks Mom) and all those great things we pledged in August (why does time fly so fast?), we decided to bring Date Nights back. Hands down my favorite, most romantic restaurant is The Melting Pot. We’ve had lots of great meals (including one fabulous meal in our home), but none have been able to top the Melting Pot. The restaurant location that we frequent has these cozy ceiling-to-floor private booths. I’m not quite sure why it is so romantic. Maybe it’s the lightening, the chocolate, the atmosphere, the chocolate, the two of us cooking together, the chocolate, the laughter, the strawberries, or the strawberries dipped in chocolate? (LOL) Whatever it is, I love being there with HIM. It really feels like a date and it reminds us of our life B.C. (Before Child). And just as everything was melting down nicely, we get a call from the (new) babysitter that David is having a melt down of his own.  We talk to him and tell him to find some “act right” and then we tried to continue on with our date. We realize that maybe David was reprieved from Little Lion Lockdown a Little too soon. When we arrived home and saw that the Lion had completely trashed the hallway with his latest lion antics, we were in shock. David had an all in all fit when it was time to go to bed. He decided that he would hurl all of his toys out of his room. He even decided to do a wardrobe change (twice) during his melt down. Apparently, his tantrum wore him out because we found him sleeping on the floor. Let’s just say it wasn’t a good night for anybody involved. Welcome to 3. 

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