My life is all about the “Ds”: My Devotion to Jesus, Daryl (my Dear Husband), David (my son), my Dog (Prince), remodeling our Diggs, watching our Dimes (finances), and a dozen of Domestic duties. Proverbs 31:27 says “She watches over her household and does not eat the bread of idleness”. This is the diary of my flawed, fabulous, and funny life. Join me as a try to juggle it all.

David's 1st Ride in His Mustang Powerwheels
This afternoon his Uncle LaSalle came over to see David’s reaction when we unveiled the contents of the HUGE brown box. It was a nice day for riding around in an automobile. David was bewildered at the sight of his blue mustang, two-seater convertible. LOL. We had to tell him that the car was for him For Me? Yes, get it in it! He was so shocked that it was for him. David’s Car? Then when he hit on the gas pedal, he was even more amazed that it m-o-v-e-d! Honestly, I think he was a little overwhelmed at all the instructions we were throwing out at him:  “Steer the wheel, hit the gas pedal, put the gear in reverse, step on the pedal, Go!” He didn’t know a lot of the words we were throwing at him. Poor thing. After a while, he jumped out it. Then we showed him the working radio and he had to get his dance on. He even tried to push the car! LOL. Eventually he got back in it and practiced some more. When we weren’t looking he would do even more. I’m sure with a little more practice; he’ll be riding down the block to pick up his home girl. When I realized his car had a little cup holder, all I could say was OMG, this is too cute! This is what a low key birthday looks like. LOL!

When the UPS guys left yesterday, I frantically call Mr. C. on every phone he’s got, but I couldn’t get him! OMG! So I figure out the HUGE brown box is from my brother and David’s Uncle LaSalle. OMG! I call my brother up and let him know that I’m over here freakin’ out because I know my son is going to freak out when he sees it! OMG are really the only words for this type of gift. It took us a couple of hours to put it together! We have no place to store it. This was supposed to a very low key birthday, but there is nothing low key about this gift.  LOL.  Happy 3rd Birthday David. 

Just like with any good saga, at the end it says “to be continued”. Well that’s what is happening with David’s “very low key” 3rd birthday! Today is Happy Birthday David - Day #3. Gifts have been arriving from all around the country since last week. I look forward to seeing my postal man, UPS guy, and fed-ex friend because I know they are bringing something good! What has never happened is to see two UPS guys walking away from my driveway. I open the door and look down and I don’t see any packages. “We concealed it behind your car”. Ummmm. I walk out the door and to my car and sure enough it’s this HUGE brown box. My jar literally drops!! I snatch open the packaging and it says “To David Coutourier”. OMG. The UPS Guy says, “I think we have some more stuff for you”. What?! After a few moments, he comes over with another stack of boxes! For who else? David Coutourier.  The stack of boxes came from David’s Auntie Stephanie. Inside one of the boxes was a “spideyman” car. He loves loves loves his car that goes “vroom vroom vroom”. Up till this point, I rarely see him playing with cars, so maybe it was because he didn’t have the spidey-mobile. LOL. And  what was in the HUGE brown box? Let’s just say David will really be saying “vroom, vroom, vroom”! Stay tuned! 

David had a wonderful birthday from beginning to end. He wanted two very simple things: 1.) For people to say: “Happy Birthday David” and 2.) To eat birthday cake. Yes this is what he told me he wanted for his birthday. LOL. Throughout the day, I would hear him saying “Happy Birthday to me”. (Comedy at its best). And just before it was all over and done, he got to eat his birthday cake. In the picture it looks like he is giving a thumbs up for his cake, but the real story is he kept stealing finger licks of icing while we singing the short “Happy Birthday” song. Happy Birthday David. 

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Somehow I promised Mr. C that this year’s birthday celebration would be seriously small; no venues, no ark, no theme parks, no party, no toys, and no pony! Yikes!  I was given a very tight budget and I calculated every penny. Since Davey talks about superman day in and day out, I figured I use the funds for decorating and some superman paraphernalia. Last year when we decorated the kitchen with the Sesame Street theme, David loved it. So I thought I’d let Superman take over this year. It took us about 90 minutes to transform our kitchen into metropolis, but it was worth it. Tablecloth $3, Balloons $10, the look on David’s face when he came through the door… Priceless! Happy 3rd Birthday Davey! 

Us September 2011 When we got married, Daryl pledged to not only be my husband, but also what we call the 3 Ps: Protector, Provider, & Pastor. I must admit I don’t make it easy for him. He began his role as my husband before he said: “I do!” because I’m a piece of work … and well… need a lot of protecting, providing, and pastoring. The irony of it all…is that back then I thought I was “doin’ my thang” … “had it all together”… and certainly “bad all by myself” as a “strong black woman”. The thing is when you are single, you have no other choice, but to be strong and handle your business. I’m thankful that God knew that I didn’t have it all together and I needed a Protector, Provider, and Pastor here on earth. For the last 8 years, Daryl has been “covering” me in this journey called life. He asked the photographer to take this picture to symbolize his role as a covering for me and our unborn David. I remembered him explaining to the photographer that if he did his job right, then not a drop would ever touch me. Praise God, I’m super dry! I feel like this picture is apropos in describing how I felt this weekend. As a Protector, God build him to be my personal bodyguard (Nobody wants to mess with the Big, Black Guy). As a Provider, he gets up before the roosters (there is not a hint of daylight when he gets up) and commutes to work faithfully in order to put a roof over our head (literally it’s band new roof too). As my Pastor, he prays for me constantly, gives me guidance, and even leads me through the bible each week. This is just the short list of his many virtues. He’s not perfect, but he’s the perfect one for me. Right before our anniversary, we committed to being more intentional about adding more tools to our marriage toolbox. These 2 months have been a unique journey where we’ve had to dig our heels in deeper. Today, we went to the “I Still Do” marriage conference. To say it was ‘Awesome’ would be an understatement, it was like a refreshing rain that poured over us. The worship music was anointed, the speakers were phenomenal, and the entire event had a spirit of excellence. We were fortunate that our church hosted a simulcast for the live event that was held at the Verizon Center (DC), so it was very comfortable and relaxing. It was exactly what we needed. The finale  was the reaffirmation of our wedding vows. He looked into my eyes with the same intensity as he did then. I was overwhelmed with how those same words had so much more weight, six years later. As I say “I Still Do” today, I solicit your prayers for Mr. Coutourier. He, like so many husbands around the globe, have  a pretty big job being a 24x7, 365-for-life umbrellas! Let’s keep them lifted up because they are indeed the strong ones! 

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With just 4 days before our weekend of fun, David is trying his best to strengthen his wobbly walk! Luckily for him, his sweet Aunt Si-Si just sent him a gigantic box full of goodies (Thanks Auntie!). One of the items is a Learning Walker! Whoo Hoo! So if it doesn’t walk by this weekend, I bet he will be soon after. At any rate, he will have big fun with his new toys!

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