My life is all about the “Ds”: My Devotion to Jesus, Daryl (my Dear Husband), David (my son), my Dog (Prince), remodeling our Diggs, watching our Dimes (finances), and a dozen of Domestic duties. Proverbs 31:27 says “She watches over her household and does not eat the bread of idleness”. This is the diary of my flawed, fabulous, and funny life. Join me as a try to juggle it all.

The great thing about going to “Big School” is that David gets to participate in all kinds of Big Kid fun. This week is “Spirit Week” and Tuesday was “Twin Day”. (Since I’m writing about this after the fact, I can say that Spirit Week wore us, parents, out!!! We’ve been spoiled with them wearing uniforms so the wardrobe wars came back for one week only as we had to figure out what to wear for each of the themed days! Whew! By the end of the week, I almost lost the spirit! LOL) David and his twin were TWO Cute! They even made it into the school newsletter with another set of twins from their class!

It’s hard to believe that Sleep Beauty…err Prince is 8 years old! We are convinced that he has a night job because he practically sleeps the day away. What’s even funnier is when he sleeps in his bed in the bay window with his “Security” vest on! When we pull into the driveway we see “security” sleeping on the job. When he’s sleeping it’s more like a game of “Where’s Waldo?” as he is camouflaged into his bed! LOL! Cheers to my old man!

David is still in love with superheroes. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are taking over our home. They are coming out of the shadows and every nook and cranny! LOL. This was a Christmas present that needed to be saved for a “rainy day” when David’s parents had the patience (ha) to help him put it together. Naturally, David would select the most complicated configuration to put together. He started off strong, but then his parents put the rest together while he was “napping”. LOL. SMH. I know! I know! I know! He was moving as slow as a turtle, so we needed to put a little power in this lego project or it would be next Christmas before he got it finished. #ParentPower

Our Christmas day plans didn’t go as expected, it was actually a very quiet Christmas for the Coutouriers. David needed to take gifts to school, so we ended up doing our infamous “Santa’s Workshop” wrapping gifts earlier in the week. It was a blessing too because by Christmas Eve I was pretty sick. The wacky weather had both David and I down for the count. It was weird to have the easiest and breeziest Christmas every. No toys to assemble, no batteries to insert, no gifts to wrap. Honestly, it was actually very nice. Believe or not, David did not get one single thing from us that had batteries (Oh how I love this action figure & lego days)! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Having a boy, I realize that there are a few things that I miss out on (dolls, princess play, tutus), so I was super excited that David was invited to a Cinderella party where they needed to come as Princess or Prince. “Cinderella’s” mom informed me that David was going to sit at the head table. I had a month to find David a costume, so when my little prince showed up as “King David”, he took center stage with Cinderella. It was a super cute party. I was so amped about it that I wanted to wear a costume, but Cinderella’s mom informed me that “Noooo, it’s just for the kids!”. LOL. (I tried!) LOL!

If you know me, you know I really really really don’t like to go to the grocery store. So much so that I actually get my groceries delivered. I know. Shake your heads. Every now and again, I have to make the drugged trip inside the store. Today, I thought I’d take David and “train him up” so one day he’ll be able to go to the store for moi. We’ve upgraded from those crazy wheeled “cars” at the grocery store, to the mini shopping cart! I love this option as long as he doesn’t run into my heel (DAVID!!!) He’s pretty good at putting the items in the cart, now if I can only get him to pay for it too! LOL.

Now that David’s in “Big School”, I realize there are certain things that some with the territory. Plays, recitals, and concerts are a part of it. I’m accepting it. As we approach David’s 1st Christmas concert, I realize that I have to go and while misery loves company, I go hon solo to spare my loved ones from sitting through what I thought to be a “They tried hard!” kids Christmas concert. (I know I shouldn’t say that aloud, but you know what I mean!!!) Boy, was I completely wrong. It was absolutely the most amazing Christmas concert ever! They really did usher in the true meaning of the season. The kids did great. So much so that the crowd was on their feet. The little kids were super cute. The older kids were down right amazing and the dancers stole the show. Next year, I’m bringing a crew of folks because it was really just that good.

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